Ginger Binge and Friends

by Ginger Binge

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After months of recording and years of songwriting, Ginger Binge is pleased to offer you a long play album. All tunes are original, dubbed 'cosmic Americana music.' Spread the music and help a Chicago band rise to the top.


released July 29, 2011

Bob Spoerl, Ben Richmond, Brian Anderson, Mike Nickerson, Ryan Campbell, Andy 'Fingers' Eichholz, Dwayne Laughlin, Virginia Brown, Handwritten Recording, Zak Baker, Mike Cabellon



all rights reserved


Ginger Binge Chicago, Illinois

Ginger Binge is a musical collaboration of mostly Midwestern folk. At the center of the band is Bob Spoerl. Born with red hair, Bob gladly sprouts carrot-colored locks. The rest of the band members have been baptized into the fire hair culture.

Check out Ginger Binge's first full-length album 'Ginger Binge and Friends,' follow Ginger Binge on Tumblr for news and fun. We're on Facebook too.
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Track Name: Lincoln and Lucy
Little Lucy, she's got the blues you see
She's laying home in bed
And she's thinking about Lincoln
And what he gone said
He told her he'd walk out the door
If she didn't want his ring
And the poor girl, 17-years-old
She couldn't say a thing
So Lincoln marched out the house
Popping a pill, he let it out
He said: Lucy, you've got the nerve to say absolutely nothing

Lincoln walked back to his cabin
In the nowhere Appalachians
Dug his flask out, opened up the top
And he had a revelation
He would go down to his pastor
And demand an explanation
From the Lord above, why wouldn't Lucy love?
And withdraw her reservations
Lincoln marched out the house
Took a swig of moonshine he let it out
He said: Lucy, I'll have you one day and then you'll speak out to me

Pastor Robbins poured a vodka collins
He gave false hope to the boy
He said: Lincoln try again maybe Lucy's looking for a clever ploy
Win over her heart with surprise and sparks will surely fly for you tonight
Pastor Robbins chugged the vodka collins everything began to blur

Traveling with the passion of a man
drunk from love and booze
Lincoln raced toward Lucy's house at once
He knew he couldn't lose
The Lord was on his side tonight
the pastor had paved the way
But to his surprise the girl had died
It was a suicide they say
The letter she wrote had told the world
She couldn't live without him
It said: Lincoln I hope I see you again
And we can live in harmony

On the inside Lincoln died that day
He became an atheist, a drunk, corrupt
a womanizer, a dope smoker a heroin torturer. Strung out on regret, guilt and a love lost.

Happy endings never seem to come.
Track Name: Michigan Ave.
Little pretty people on Michigan Ave.
Smiling cuz they're high-rising
Every indication says they're not half bad
I don't really know they're not inviting me
To their party in their penthouse Christmas Eve

Dainty dukes are smoking their cigarettes
Men in top hats, women in short skirts
Tawny hair and underwear and minds to clear
What's exciting is they're inviting me
To the cougar's den to come again and again and again

There's a sun ahead...
Telling me I'm not dead

Alabaster cityscapes I feel high
Like a Hancock on the north block
Michigan in all its glam can sometimes be
A one-way street without hands and feet
Just to ride around and feel real rich

There's a sun...

Listen to the rain on your windowpane
It's pulse is constant like your thumb
And it feels like we've only just begun
And what's going on is going on...

There's a sun...
Though the storm is ripe, the storm is tight
Storm it might, but you are with me tonight
Track Name: Flowers in the Pavement
There are flowers in the pavement, there are flowers in the park
There are flowers in the pavement, but weeds in my hardened heart.

Away, a walking city on a chill filled night
The smell of perfume, the shimmering light
I was pure blinded by the dark of the night
A purse made of leather, a heart made of gold
A warm hello turns from warmer to cold
I was merely blinded, maybe a bit too bold

There are flowers...

I can't quite explain the way the rocks look at night
A stroll on the lake, the darkening light
Tell me now something: will I know when it's right?
A blister from coldness, a frostbitten stare
A grease-filled tinge rubbed me to bare
I was rejected and I knew right then and there

There are flowers...

An ice cold coffee could finish me off
A song, no worry, but is it enough?
To write about problems that make me seem aloof
Society I cry you give me some proof
Track Name: City Bus
Sitting on a city bus, a subway or a train
It's only just the two of us our thoughts so insane
To take a ride at night, it's time for a change
But sometimes when you make a change it still feels the same

I don't care if it takes all night
I've got you by my side
When I'm sitting on a city bus

Waiting for the subway lights to take me on home
Learning from the midnight sky everything I know

I don't care...

I don't mind waiting more, I'll pay the fair for you
I can see you and I riding on more trains together

Listening for silent sounds, records of life
Finding it in dirty trains you know that you might
Wish for a simple dream in the darkest of nights
People say you're not alone but I don't think they're right
Track Name: I'm Not God
Oh my God where have you been?

I've look around this crazy world for a long long time
In alleyways and dim lit caves for my mastermind

Oh my God...

On battlefields in shady deals with chosen ones
I've made my mark, had the spark and it's all gone

It takes one to know one and I'm not God

Oh my God...

I've looked around this crazy world for a long long time
In vacant lots I've thought a lot and I've served my time

It takes one...

Oh my God...
Track Name: Mercury
A friend of a friend she got shot in the heart/ By her bridesmaid from Wales, an out of town runaround /Everyone knew that she'd finally succumb to/ the temptation, aggravation - she put a gun to that maid
a son of Norway, he made his way/ On a 25 foot ship, built by the people in it
Sailing around all around town/ Till a binge with mercury landed him in insanity
~All of those crazy people doped up on mercury all they can say for themselves is I'm sorry, sorry, etc. / someone I knew had a Hebrew tattoo painted dead on his back / he planned out the grand attack / took 2 girls to a place they didn't wanna go...
Track Name: Eddie
Eddie's seen better times, he's fighting for his life
The stains of old age are quite apparent
He's seen his fair share of hard times

Born in 1920 was a fresh and eager youth
But alcohol abuse and trouble with the law
Left him all locked up

He's a wilting old man know one will lend him a hand old Eddie
His last breath of air he'll soon be trash goodbye Eddie

His career was long and successful
He worked hard as staff at the high school
But when his time came, he left that building
And worked as a private consultant

Had a tough time with his clients
His clients busted Eddie for fraud
But Eddie got out of it, he got out of it
Eddie was always so suave

He's a senile old man, nobody understands him, Eddie
Flowers come soon, this man is through goodbye, Eddie

I feel bad it had to end this way, it's been a long journey, Eddie
It must be strange to lose himself
It must be strange to lose yourself old Eddie, ba ba ba bah!
Track Name: Gypsy Baby
I see you on the street, want you on my seat I am a feat of engineering / Horse-powered V6 get in, my belt clicks - if you think you can survive me, drive me home
You raise my RPMs, come on and bring your friends
Listen to my stereo come on and hit the road
If you think that I'm a scandal, there's no curve I can't handle. If you think you can survive me, drive me home ~ Your wheel's got me spinning around, leave the seat leave the ground. You're an acrobat, Gypsy Baby don't make a sound ~
Traffic is getting rough and I know you'll handle me tight. I wanna role all night. Get in, get in, etc...
Track Name: Ice Queen
In the far reaches beyond Neptune
An ancient world lies trapped in frozen ruin
The Ice Queen sings her lucid dreams
To passing comets, bound for the Kuiper Belt
Where all the sadness that the Solar System has ever felt
Goes to freeze

Climbing high above the clouds
I've heard her siren song and I want to help her out
And I think she'd spend a day with me down on planet earth - for what's it worth

40 years in a rocket
Hearing the Ice Queen's siren song
A space age century, no time is too long
He reaches her and bids her come along
'I tell her Ice Queen, come along with me. We'd be happy, beautiful and free. I'd take you by the sea.'

Opening the capsule door the Ice Queen screams and she is no more. And the Plutonium smoke explodes. Sent from 100 millions ago.
We are not me or she or them or it.
We are stardust making an exit (repeat)

Ice Queen where did you go?
No one gave me the memo
You would suffer such a fate, the atmosphere would make you sublimate.
I'm so lonely I'm gonna go back to your home, back to Pluto.
Where I'll watch all the comets come and go
One by one, soon, they'll all explode.
Track Name: This I Believe
I was singing a little song and the words they came out every single one of them.
I was writing a little poem and my heart beat out every single bit of it.
I was looking up at the sun and my eyes teared out, every single width of them.
I was looking up at the sky and everything was well and all was right.

Everything I believe

I was looking up at the sky and everything was well and all was right.
I was looking into your eyes and I saw a little bit of the light.
I was looking into every one's eyes and I saw more bits of the light.
And though it's not how like it was, there will always be our love from above.

Everything I believe

As the waves crashed down upon our backs
I finally had the strength to just relax.
I dreamed a lot about my plans and you tried your best to help me understand.
I like to rush my life and cause a mess.
But to give us time I know would be the best.
And if it's meant to be then be it so.
True love is like a seed it has to grow.